The scale of 1/32 has always been a 'special one' right from the very early days of plastic modeling. The physical size of the first kits produced back then meant that for the first time modelers could really 'go-to-town' adding all the intricate details that smaller scales just did not allow. However, the range was very small. Along came vac-forming and all of a sudden there existed the means to an end. And with it came Doug Feeney and I.D. Models. He mastered the art of 'big scale' vac-forms and a complete range of kits were produced in 1/32 scale. They proved to be very popular, chiefly because they were accurate and available. Many examples were to be seen in the modeling competitions and I well remember Doug at the Nationals beavering away on his latest kit and giving everyone help and advice on how to tackle such a large kit. But, as time went on like most things they disappeared off of the market and Doug moved on to other things.

But now they are back...!  And, what a return...!! 

Well known British 'Master Modeler' John 'Tigger' Wilkes has bought the remaining master moulds and with the greatest good fortune for us flying boat modelers they include the Short Sunderland Mk.I/II and the Consolidated Catalina.! Each mould has been refurbished to 'as-new' standard and the kit vac-form mouldings subsequently taken from them are as good as one would expect from a kit of this size.

Size, did I mention that in the picture below the object in the middle is a 6" ruler? Yes, the Sunderland in 1/32 scale is HUGE as is the Catalina. These are no ordinary weekend kits, for to detail one of these to a reasonable standard will take a long time indeed; perfect material for that 'Winter Project'.

Each kit comes with all the main parts vac-formed on thick, sturdy plastic sheet; hull halves, wing halves - port and starboard - tailplane halves, tail fin, engine nacelles and floats, together with a set of clear mouldings for the canopy and gun turrets. The modeler provides the rest as the build goes on. Therefore, these are for 'experienced modelers' only as they will require a great deal of work building all - or as much of - the internal details as you wish to show. But, what an end result these will be sitting on the display shelf!



Each kit is hand moulded by a skilled modeler - just for you..!
Short Sunderland Mk.I/II OR Consolidated Catalina (Note: Catalina page to follow)

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Price:80.00 each 
e+ p&p

P & P:

15.00 UK
25.00 Europe
40.00 Worldwide
Note: Postage prices above are guideline only. Each kit will be weighed and costed according to the destination at the Post Office and should the actual postage be less than the figure above, you will be refunded the difference by Tigger Models.
Picture at left shows the Sunderland main kit components prior to trimming to shape. Note the 6" ruler on the hull in the middle. More images available soon.

Short Sunderland Mk.I/II Kit Contents

White plastic card (1.5mm/60 thou) - Port & Starboard hull halves, Pt & Stb fin halves, Pt & Stb upper & lower elevator halves, Pt & Stb upper & lower wings, engine cowl halves, float halves, mid-upper turret fairing (for the Mk.II only). 

Transparent clear plastic (0.5mm/20 thou) moulded canopy, rear gun turret, front gun turret & mid-upper turret.

Availability: Moulded to order on a monthly or bi-monthly basis according to orders received at the time. Enquire for current status when placing your order.

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SEAWINGS say's: "Each of these kits have the potential, in the right hands, to be stunning masterpieces of scale modeling. They require a massive amount of workmanship if you are going to do all the internals but the large scale makes that easier than one would think.

I think it is safe to assume that we will not see an injection moulded mainstream kit of each of these, at least not in my lifetime and if we did the purchase price would be astronomical - way beyond what the 'average' modeler could afford.

Yet, here they are available NOW and at a very reasonable price considering the work involved in refurbishing the moulds and actually vac-forming the components. Each kit is produced by John Wilkes himself, just for you, and the care and attention taken by him ensures that you receive the very best parts for your build. Once John is satisfied then he packs the kit and sends it to you.

Their exists for each flying boat a massive amount of reference material - not least on SEAWINGS - so there should be no problem in researching and finishing any one of them to the standard you want.

So, what about that 'Winter Project' then...? I for one can't think of anything better to while away the those long dark evenings'...! Better go and clear the workbench, better still better buy a bigger one - you're going to need it!"


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