This kit represents the absolute pinnacle of large kit vac-form technology and provides all the basic components for a reasonably experienced modeler with a few vac-forms under his/her belt to turn out a superb rendition of the SARO Princess, in itself the pinnacle of British flying boat craftsmanship from a now extinct era of aviation. The Princess moulds were originally mastered by a highly skilled, long-time exponent of the genre, Mike Herrill - once the owner of the American vac-form model company Execuform - now retired. The kit parts are now produced on a 'sale only' basis specifically for flying boat enthusiasts world-wide.

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The ONLY 1/72 scale kit of the Princess in the World...!
Each kit is hand moulded by a skilled modeler - just for you..!
1/72 scale SARO Princess Kit Contents below: This is one LARGE kit!
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  Picture at left shows the SARO Princess main kit components after trimming to shape.   

SARO Princess Kit Contents

White Plastic Card: Port & Starboard hull halves, Pt & Stb fin halves, Pt & Stb upper & lower elevator halves, Pt & Stb upper & lower wings, engine cowl halves, float halves. 

Transparent clear plastic: None.  Decals: None.

Availability: Moulded to order according to orders received at the time. Enquire for current status when placing your order.

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SEAWINGS say's: "This vac-form kit has the potential, in the right hands, to be stunning masterpieces of scale modeling. They require a massive amount of work and you will certainly need previous experience with vacform kits, together with a reasonably high level of patience.

I think it is safe to assume that we will not see an injection moulded mainstream kit of this flying boat, at least not in my lifetime and if we did the purchase price would be astronomical - way beyond what the 'average' modeler could afford.

Yet, here it is available NOW and at a very reasonable price considering the work involved in vac-forming the components. Each kit is produced by a 'Master' of the vac-form moulding genre, just for you, and the care and attention taken by him ensures that you receive the very best parts for your build. 

Their exists a large amount of reference material for the Princess - not least on SEAWINGS - so there should be no problem in researching and finishing your model to the standard you want. SEAWINGS can provide a CD containing multiple large SARO Princess images and scale plans for 6.95 + P&P for further reference. Email your order to SEAWINGS.

So, what about that 'Winter Project' then...? I for one can't think of anything better to while away the those long dark evenings'...! Better go and clear the workbench, better still better buy a bigger one - you're going to need it!"


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