SEAWINGS is delighted to offer you this superb film all the way from Australia produced by Jeremy Linton-Mann and his company Film Affaires, a flying boat archivist with an eye for detail and a knack of telling a good story. He has created a series of three individual DVD's that portray and record for all time the flying boat era as seen from the Southern Hemisphere point of view. Each of these DVD's is packed full of unique film records and interviews with surviving people that had close connections with these craft and all three are available here in The Flying Boat Shop!
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'Black Knights' - DVD 
This moving account of their wartime experiences is now available for the first time

"The definitive RAAF wartime record, as recounted by the people who were involved and flew in the 'Battle for Australia"

Wartime Catalina air crews of the four RAAF flying boat squadrons carried out extremely hazardous missions against the Japanese invasion forces, in total secrecy.

This essential silence surrounding their operations lead to them becoming the unrecognised heroes of the RAAF. There was no mention of their work in the otherwise landmark documentary series 'Australian's at War', and no mention in The RAAF Illustrated History Book chapters on WW2.

'Black Knights' is the sole documentary account of the Catalina air crew exploits, with many former crewmen contributing colourful insights into the dangerous times of WWII. Their missions were so successful in interrupting enemy supply lines that the Japanese decreed for captured Catalina airmen to face automatic decapitation. Such was the nature of their work, 322 of their number did not return home.

This definitive documentary is dedicated to the memory of those daring young men.


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Jeremy Linton-Mann
SEAWINGS say's: "My grateful thanks goes to Producer, Jeremy Linton-Mann, for making this very special DVD produced in Australia exclusively available to The Flying Boat Shop on SEAWINGS, here in the UK. 

I am well aware that it costs more than the average DVD, but then again it certainly isn't average; 'Black Knights' at 58 mins duration is a moving tribute to the courage and daring of the pilots and crews against a determined enemy that has remained untold for so long. 

Packed with archive flying boat footage and contemporary interviews, I found it riveting viewing - I'm sure you will too.

Once again, Jeremy has produced a first-class DVD that can be enjoyed time-and-again!

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Running Time: 58 mins
A Film Affaires P/L production in association with WingCo Pictures & EXCEL Australia




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