Earlier last year, SEAWINGS was contacted by someone engaged in writing a book about aviation in East Africa. At the time I didn't know anything about the author, as I get so many requests for assistance that come to nothing I didn't pay that much attention; until that is, one of the chapter drafts arrived in my inbox - Wow! I was immediately struck by the layout and the determination of the author - Stephen Mills - to produce the very best authorative title on the subject he could. It was a pleasant surprise and one that I have been happy to contribute to since then. Now it is published and I am able to hold the book in my hands, I can see just what a superb job Stephen, and his dedicated team, have done.

So, I am proud to offer this title in The Flying Boat Shop - it is not just about flying boats - although they feature significantly - it is about so much more. Find a quiet corner, comfy chair, pour your favorite tipple and lose yourself in a really great read..... what a story!

Published in South Africa - Not Available in UK or European Stores...!!
'Dreams, Schemes & Flying Machines' - 100 Years of flight in East Africa
'Dreams, Schemes & Flying Machines' tracks the evolution of aviation in East Africa over the last 100 years, which of course was inextricably linked with the flying boat story.

It is also in essence the story of flight itself covering as it does the full era from the very first balloon ascent, through World War I and onto the 'Golden Era' of the '20's and 30's with the pioneering flights of the flying boats on the famed 'Horseshoe Route' down through Africa.

From there, later chapters cover World War II, post-war airline beginnings, the forming and disbanding of many and varied passenger carriers, right through to the present day airlines all in their vibrant colour schemes.

This book is lavishly illustrated throughout, stunning in its large image concept and very readable layout and so packed full of detail and colour that you will find something of interest on every page.

Mills Publishing are to be congratulated on producing what surely must be the definitive word on the subject. 

Above: One of the glorious HQ double-page spreads.  Below Right: More d/page spreads giving a flavour of the contents.
Chapter Headings

Chapter 1 - The Fledgling Years 1909 - 1919

Early balloon ascents ~ the 'invention, of the aeroplane ~ World War I operations ~ pilots and aircraft ~ the R.N.A.S. ~ airship operations.

Chapter 2 - The Settler Pioneers 1920 - 1929

Early pilots ~ the Vickers Vimy and other biplanes ~ Imperial Air Ways route surveys ~ Sir Alan Cobham ~ setting new records # making plans and bases.

Chapter 3 - The Chosen Instrument 1930 - 1939

The flying boat routes ~ passenger travel through East Africa~ Imperial Airways ~ Handley Page H.P.42 and passenger travel ~ 'C' Class Empire flying boats ~ The Empire Routes ~ building the infrastructure.

Chapter 4 - The Crucible of War 190 - 1949

World War II ~ Empire flying boats in military service ~ Spitfires and Hurricanes ~ Sunderland flying boats ~ Short Solent III ~ post-war early passenger travel.

Chapter 5 - The Political Experiment 1951 - 1960

The beginnings of regular passenger travel ~ accidents and incidents ~ Royal visitors ~ crews and stewardesses.

Chapter 6 - East African Airways 1960 - 1969

Early passenger jets ~ airports ~ people and personalities ~ aircraft crashes ~ D.H. Comet operations.

Chapter 7 - Africa Claims Its Own 1971 - 1980

Airlines and airliners of the '70's ~ Entebbe ~ the national carriers ~ military operations ~ indigenous construction.

Chapter 8 - The Jet Age 1981 - 1990

Modern airliners ~ military aircraft ~ Kenya Airways ~ Uganda Airlines.

Chapter 9 - Era Of Privatisation 1990 - 1999

Operation 'Restore Hope' ~ transformations and collapses ~ U.N. mercy flights ~ the Kenya Airways story ~ personalities and pilots ~ the big jets.

Chapter 10 - Infinite Horizons 2000 - 2009

Modern flight movements ~ big jets & small turbo's ~ the Kenya Air Force ~ internal travel ~ what the future holds.



Each chapter contains detailed text, multiple informative sidebars, and large format black & white or full colour images throughout all printed on high quality heavyweight paper.



SEAWINGS say's: "This book is simply gorgeous, it's visually stunning and the high quality throughout is a tribute to the skill of author Stephen Mills and the production team that put it together. A 'coffee table' book this is not; this is the definitive illustrated story of East African aviation to-date - and what a fascinating story it is.

Given the subject matter, flying boats feature heavily within it's pages and a lot of the images I had never seen before but it is much more than that; I found myself learning more about a subject I knew previously very little about or learning exactly what happened at incidents such as Entebbe, that I had lived through but didn't understand what it was all about at the time. Now, I know.

With this book you will find yourself picking it up again and again and with Stephen's very readable style of writing you will be able to 'dip' in and out of it at different times to read specific passages with ease; I certainly have enjoyed doing that over the past few weeks.

The colour photographs that are featured from the end of WWII (naturally) are stunning and Stephen must be congratulated in finding many, many images that have not previously appeared in print. The post-war colour schemes would make a very colourful impact on any modelers display shelf.

Apart from fine prose, the book is packed with large detailed photographs carefully chosen for their visual quality and printed at a really large size on each page to maximise their instructional impact. Thoroughly recommended"



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Stephen Mills is a Brit living in Nairobi, Kenya where he runs a successful commercial business and is also a strong Man U supporter!
What a varied life he has had so far; ex pro footballer, then over 25 years in aviation, a commercial helicopter pilot, a career in the R.A.F., past owner of his own airline company operating in East and Central Africa and now a successful businessman and author with two other titles to his name with his company Mills Publishing and his professional team.
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