Winner of the:-


Award of Excellence 2008


 Flying Boat Model Kit of the Year ~ 2008

Czech Master Resin's 1/72 Scale

 Short S.23 'C' Class Empire Flying Boat

The SEAWINGS citation reads:

"I consider this kit to be the finest flying boat resin model I have ever seen; it is simply stunning and a 'Master Class' in resin quality. In short, CMR have raised the level upon which all future kits will have to be judged for research, completeness, instructions, decals and above all, quality.  

It is a magnificent achievement for the small production team, the designer and master-pattern maker and of course, owner Petr Buchar for having the courage to invest in such a large project in the first place.

No buildable kit of the 'C' Class Empire 'boats has existed in 1/72 scale for over 60 years and flying boat kit enthusiasts have dreamed of a state-of-the-art kit for so long, but never thought one would be released; and certainly not to this standard.

As with all resin kits, they are by necessity 'short-run' so I urge you to purchase one while they are available; you will not be disappointed. Whilst the retail price is in the higher echelon of kit expenditure, rest assured that in today's kit market, knowing the amount of work involved by CMR just to get one complete Empire resin kit produced and ready to ship, it is worth every penny to the serious flying boat model builder.

The fact that we have a kit of this flying boat today at all, is priceless!".

Bryan Ribbans

WebMaster and Owner ~